From left to right: Andrée Dagenais, Gaëlle Tchepelev, Valérie Rioux and Isabelle Laplante. CDC 2017

The Centre de documentation collégiale (CDC) team has welcomed two new members during the last few months. It is with great pleasure that Gaëlle Tchepelev, documentation technician, and Valérie Rioux, liaison librarian with the anglophone colleges, join us.

All CDC resources can be accessed free of charge by Quebec’s college and Cegep personnel, college network partner organizations as well as university students and researchers interested in Quebec’s college network who reside in Quebec. The CDC is proud of its documentary heritage, by and for Quebec’s collegial network: more than 50 years of documentation for the 50th anniversary of the creation of cégeps.

Unique in Quebec,, the open archive of the Quebec college network, collects, retains, and disseminates documents about teaching, learning, and institutional development in Quebec’s Cegeps and colleges. The archive replaced the CDC online catalog (Regard) as of February 2016.

The CDC remains open Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, for the fall 2017 semester.

The CDC Team

Isabelle Laplante, professional librarian
514-364-3327 Ext. 1

Andrée Dagenais, professional librarian
514-364-3327 Ext. 2

Valérie Rioux, professional librarian
514-364-3327 Ext. 3

Gaëlle Tchepelev, documentation technician

Information, Loans, and Research
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