The Centre de documentation collégiale (CDC) is proud to present this new College Documentation Bulletin’s issue.

Academic Motivation,

By Isabelle Cabot.

Motivation is a very broad field of knowledge that can be applied to different life contexts to better understand them and influence their course. Cultivating one’s health is one such context. Learning is another. This annotated bibliography addresses the area of academic motivation, a more precise field than motivation alone and yet still extensive. An impressive number of concepts are related to it, among which there is a lot of overlap. Researchers choose some of these elements to express various views of motivation in the form of models. We can then choose the view or views that best meet our needs and use them to build a research plan or a pedagogical strategy. By means of this exercise, my goal is to clarify the main motivational concepts that apply in education while limiting myself to the literature available at the CDC in order for college reader to have access to them free of charge.

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