How to conduct a search

Searching in ÉDUQ

Step by step (simple search)

  1. Access the open archive ÉDUQ (the CDC resource catalogue).
  2. Enter at least one term in the search box.
  3. Refine your search, if necessary.
  4. Consult the documents: digital documents are accessible directly (PDF format). Some digital materials require a personal access code. If a document is only available as hard copy–that is, on paper–, there will be instructions on how to borrow it.

If you need advice on how to conduct a detailed search, consult the Help section of ÉDUQ.
For more information on the content of this archive, consult the About section of ÉDUQ.

Searching in ProQuest

To access ProQuest, you need a personal access code provided, free of charge, to anyone in the college network. To get a personal access code, go to the Login page.

Step by step (simple search)

  1. Log in to your CDC account
  2. Access ProQuest
  3. Enter at least one term in the search box
  4. Refine your search, if necessary (publication date, language, type, etc.)
  5. Consult the documents: full-text articles are often provided

Articles without full text (description only)
It is possible that certain journals will not give access to the full text of their articles in ProQuest and will therefore only provide a description of the article. However, these journals might provide full text in another database (Repère, Érudit, etc.) or on the Internet, free of charge.

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